Expert Railroad Consultant

24 Years of Proven Expertise

Robert Warrick is a well known expert in the railroad freight industry, and full-time consultant. He has surpassed expectations in all areas of railroad development, everything from marketing to track construction and operation. Robert can handle your entire railroad project or give valuable guidance that will save you time and money.


  • Track inspections for industrial and small railroads.
  • Cost estimating and bid preparation.
  • Design and engineering for new and expanding industrial rail sidings.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Perform crew audits and provide operating recommendations.
  • Develop operating plans.
  • Develop rail line rationalization projects and trackage rights proposals.
  • Develop bulk distribution center - truck trans load.
  • Develop plans to target and attract new industries to railroads.
  • Analyze current and potential customers’ logistical requirements and develop rate and service packages to meet those needs.
  • Capture new traffic by working closely with interline connections on service standards and rates.
  • Preparation of contracts, tariffs, government tenders, exempt rate quotes and divisional agreements.