Track inspections for industrial and small railroads.

When we perform the track a inspection, we walk through the complete system closely examining all the important aspects. A detailed inspection report is provided including the existing track conditions, track lengths, etc. along with recommendations for repairs and ongoing maintenance. Such inspections are usually done on an annual, semi annual, or quarterly bases – but will be provided as often as required.

Cost estimating and bid preparation.

The cost estimates we provide include a detailed bid document which will provide for both a maintenance/capital expenditure budget figure and an accurate “apples to apples” bid from rail contractors. The bid document can be tailored to provide the repairs and or preventive maintenance items. We can also provide ongoing and final inspection of the work.

Design and engineering for new and expanding industrial rail sidings.

We provide engineering and design work, including construction specifications, engineering drawings, project management, and inspection of ongoing construction.

Preventative maintenance.

Far too often industrial track owner's neglect maintenance of their internal rail assets until one of two things happen.

  1. The serving rail carrier refuses service due to track conditions.
  2. There is a derailment.

In both cases the industry is faced with possible production delays or worse. In the case of a derailment, there is track and equipment damage to contend with. In any case, a poorly maintained rail system will eventually require sudden and costly repair.

Ongoing track inspection as part of the normal preventative maintenance cycle prevents such costly interruptions.

We provide track inspection with detailed maintenance, repair, and budgeting recommendations along with managing and administration of bidding out of the required work. We are also available to inspect and oversee the work to insure the best return on maintenance dollars.